Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Why haven't you been posting for so long"

Thanks for your correspondence Shane, along with the photos of that burning AN in South Australia and that shot of you at Bordertown that looked like you had some sort of furry animal up you back tubing.

Yes I have heard it a million times before.
My first thought is to tell you to mind your own bloody business, find a railway bridge, and punish Mr Helmut.

Truth is I really haven't been ratarsed to sit down and type something for the blog. That is until today when I saw 27000+ page hits.

shit dudes, dont you railfans have a life like me?

when i am not lineside i lead a very full life of japanese panty sniffing, collecting european porn and dreaming of my younger days when i could always pull a shag at the Fortitude Valley Hotel. Sometimes even with something on two legs.
now you are all cruising the internet looking for the latest arousing shot of an AN burning up.

actually that was quite enjoyable to see, never really liked those things, look a bit like a dog thats had its arse smashed on a 45 degree angle with a meat cleaver.

Sorry didn't mean to say arse, i know how that word manages to arouse excessive carnal typed desires in those of us who like to paw over Bulldog shots, the locomotives, not that football team that is always in the news, or the animal type that, if ahhmmmm carnalised, would attract much unwanted attention from the RSPCA and other human hating people.

So it is not true I have been arrested for indecent exposure on an Exploder, the wind blew the toilet door open just as that woman walked by.
I was aquited and have just been to busy.

Well actually I have been trapped for some time, but not by law authorities, but by a woman.
Ohhh sorry, shit, hope I didn't offend any dribblers with the W word.
However the new girlfriend makes it very hard to get out and post sometimes, so please bare with me.
Anyway thats all from me, she is calling me again. I may not be able to walk again for another week.
PS: Shane was that a furry creature up the clacker?


Mike said...

If nothing else, at least Shane has got you posting again. Perhaps you are unaware of the important service this blog provides to the wider rail fan / industry person community?

In these joyful days of doom, economic downturn and rabid out of control safety culture, sometimes we need to be reminded why we need to be bitter.

Mike said...

I am only commenting here, because the word verification for comments was (and this is true) "poolicks".

No way am I missing out on using that! And I know I'll regret not taking a screen grab of it